Guidelines for introducing a Home Nursing Assistant into your home:

Our Professional Nurse will perform a once off initial assessment in order to meet with the family,  assess the patient requiring care, provide any specialised care instruction, ensure the home is practically set up for home care and orientate the Caregiver.

Caregivers have all been issued with codes of conduct.  Your Carer is instructed to first obtain permission from their Client, and/ or authorization from the Agency for the following:

  • Use of the telephone
  • Loans/ Gratuities of any form
  • Borrowing money/ items/ perishable goods

Please inform us timeously should a Carer approach you for a loan/ use of your telephone for private use etc, so that we may address the matter as soon as possible so as to avoid further transgressions.

We do not mind if you wish to reward your Caregiver with an annual bonus or gift, however please contact the Agency first to inform us of this so that we may provide the Carer with prior authorization.

Please contact the Agency should you experience any issues or have praise for one of our Carers. We will do our best to try to resolve issues through counselling and will try to correct behaviour rather than dismiss or re-assign a Carer.  We do need to be informed of any problems as they arise so that the issue will receive our prompt attention. If the problem cannot be resolved after disciplinary measures have been followed we will re-assign a better-suited Caregiver to you.

Please report noteworthy praise for good conduct to us as well.

Many of our Caregivers have been with us for years and we get to know them very well.  Any new Caregivers are carefully screened before they are assigned to you. Identification and traces are held at the office. The Agency will do everything possible to ensure staff who are assigned to you are trustworthy, and reliable. Nonetheless, please ensure that safety precautions are taken i.e. keep money, cheque books, jewellery and other valuables in a safe place, and do not give out your bank card or pin number under any circumstance. All Carers have been alerted to the possibility of having spot checks performed on their belongings. Please do not hesitate to perform a spot check on Caregiver should you deem this necessary.

Once a Caregiver has been assigned to you we will do our best to ensure continuity by reassigning the same Carer to you on an ongoing basis. Please note, however, that should your require ad hoc care or should there be a period where you do not require the Carer to work her normal shift eg. during a period of hospitalization or a holiday, we cannot prevent the Carer from seeking alternate employment during this period. Should you require a Carer to be on paid standby we can ensure that the same Carer will be available to you after this period of absence.

Please respect the private lives, issues and finances of the Carer. The Carer is expected not to discuss personal issues with their Client/ Patient and it is requested that the Client/ Patient does not expose the Carer to unnecessary questioning. This ensures dignity and ongoing professional conduct are upheld from your Caregiver.

Remember we are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact your Care Manager with any queries you may have.