Guidelines for introducing a Home Nursing Assistant into your home:

Our Professional Nurse will perform a once off initial assessment in order to meet with the family,  assess the patient requiring care, provide any specialized care instruction, ensure the home is practically set up for home care and orientate the Caregiver.

Caregivers have all been issued with codes of conduct.  Your Carer is instructed to first obtain permission from their Client, and/ or authorization from the Agency for the following:

  • Use of the telephone
  • Loans/ Gratuities of any form
  • Borrowing money/ items/ perishable goods

Many of our Caregivers and Nurses have been with us for years and we get to know them very well.  Any new Caregivers or Nursing Assistants are carefully screened before they are assigned to you. Identification and traces are held at the office. The Agency will do everything possible to ensure staff who are assigned to you are trustworthy, and reliable.  Once a Caregiver or Nursing Assistant has been assigned to you we will do our best to ensure continuity by reassigning the same Carer to you on an ongoing basis.

Remember we are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact your Care Manager with any queries you may have.

Console Care Agency is a home care and nursing agency based in Kwa Zulu Natal (KZN), Durban, South Africa (SA).